Online Home Business is the Fastest Growing Small Business Trend in 2009

Without a doubt, online home businesses are the fastest growing trend in 2009. There are roughly 6.7 billion people living on the planet today according to the Internet World Stats: Usage and Population Statistics as of June 30th 2009 and of those 6.7 billion people, almost 25% of them are on the internet. Just incase your conversion abilities aren’t as good as they should be, no worries… That comes to about 1.69 billion people that are on the internet everyday.

So that’s great and all but maybe you don’t understand why the Internet is so powerful otherwise. What does the internet give you that the traditional marketplace doesn’t? Well, there are several other reasons that point in favor of using the World Wide Web as the platform for your business, and why having an online home business is the fastest growing small business trend in 2009.

Picture this. The Internet is a giant invisible magnet that is gradually attracting every man, woman and child to it. So what does this mean for you? Well, as a business person, business owner or entrepreneur the Internet represents a marketplace like no other that has ever existed. We are no longer limited to our “territories”, our communities, or the cities in which we reside. This is just the tip of the iceberg in what I call “The Power of the Internet. ” Online home business and internet marketing businesses are documented as one of the highest growth area in 2009 for small business trends.

The Internet has created an unlimited reach for online businesses small and large, and we now have the ability to literally take our ideas, our products and services all around the globe and connect with an audience that is 100% targeted and proven to convert. The research and data analysis that you can do for your online home business takes the guess work out of monetization. There are analytics tools that tell you about each step of the sales process and what changes need to be made to generate higher conversions and what markets to target. You now know exactly who to target, based on the market research and you can spend time fine tuning your internet marketing sales funnel. The statistics that you can look at for your internet marketing business absolutely give you insight that was never possible in offline marketing.

The “traditional” means of advertising can’t hold a candle to what is going on in the digital world. With social media marketing, web 2.0, and search marketing (to name a few), small business owners now have countless avenues to leverage in order to market a business, product or service. Gone are the days of putting your business in the yellow pages, putting ads in magazines and newspapers, or using direct mail just hoping a few people will “bite.” Really, what I find most fascinating about online home business is that the majority of the marketing strategies are free and it isn’t uncommon for the free strategies convert better than the paid strategies (depending on your industry). Either way, as an internet entrepreneur, you have the freedom to market to whomever you want, however you want. The possibilities are limitless and the data trends allow you to know exactly where to put your ads to drive the most amount of traffic to your business.

So, you can see that marketing online is not only going to allow you to sell to people who are looking for what you have to offer but you also get to save money on marketing and advertising by utilizing free strategies like social media marketing, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

Realize this, when you’re running your business from home you no longer have to worry about the headaches of a traditional brick and mortar business. You know what I’m talking about…rent, inventory, insurance, payroll, etc. this has all been eliminated.

Another point to consider. It used to be that when your doors opened you were making money and when your doors closed you weren’t. Makes sense. The only way to get paid is to have people coming into your store or have people calling you on your phone to make a purchase. Well, as we all know the internet is available 24/7 and is open to a global marketplace. You can make money while you sleep, when you’re out to dinner, while you’re on vacation…it never stops. By leveraging the internet for your business from home, you’re inevitably leveraging your time by utilizing the power of the Internet. And we all know the most precious commodity is our time, so why wouldn’t you want to work less and get paid more?

For me the icing on the cake is the mobility that an internet marketing business brings. What I mean is the only thing you will need to run your business is a laptop computer and a cell phone. Easy enough. What this does is it gives you the ability to run your business from home or anywhere you choose…literally. You can maintain a professional identity no matter where you are or what you’re doing because all of your business is done digitally. Even if you’re hanging out on the beaches of Mexico wearing nothing by a swim suit and a sombrero while you vacation with your wife and 3 kids, you can easily pick up your i-phone, return a few business emails and continue to run your business. Truly the possibilities are endless and the only real way to achieve true mobility in business is by having an internet based business. You really can run your business from home or anywhere you choose.

It almost seems like an unfair battle between “old school” traditional business versus having an internet based business. Whether this information comes as a surprise or just a confirmation about the direction the world is headed, just remember this. There is no qualification, resume that has to be submitted, no “gatekeeper” that decides who gets to run a business on the Internet. The only person who gets to decide that is YOU.

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Cutting-Edge Communications Changing the Face of Technology

The world of telecommunications is rapidly changing with our cutting-edge products and services. Something that once seemed like a convenient luxury for the wealthy or well-connected, such as wireless cellular phones, has now become indispensable to millions around the wolrd. Technology such as Voice over Internet Protocol, once deemed impossible, is now making its way into the residential households of millions. It’s amazing to step back and see just how much technology has changed in the past 10 years, or 10 months or 10 hours for that matter.

With cutting-edge services to offer customers, our focus is to provide high-quality service to our customers. Despite the fact that a technological revolution is sweeping the planet, more than 90 percent of U. S. households maintain their traditional landline service. Consumers are embracing new technology while simultaneously using the tried-and-true. The demand for both traditional and cutting-edge telecom services has morphed into an explosion. The customer has freedom of choice. Every customer is not going to fit into a certain product or service mold.

We have an incredible, high-resolution video phone that is literally changing the face of technology, but we also provide the security of standard local calling for the individual who doesn’t want or isn’t ready to make the switch. Commitment to consumers has created customers who remain loyal. Whatever your are seeking–whether it is a traditional, local-calling plan or the latest in technological services–customers can find what they are looking for.

New technologies are fueling rapid expansion in the telecommunications industry, which garners more than $1 trillion a year globally.